How to use Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker (Efficient Guide)

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Hamilton Beach (49976) Coffee Maker

How to use Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker?

Hamilton Beach is a brand that has been making coffee makers and many other food processing appliances for over the 100 years. This Company has offered several types of higher quality coffee makers that cater from single serve to full pots. Their largest coffee maker can brew up to 20 to 60 cups of an ideal coffee. How to use it? You can easily use any coffee maker from Hamilton Beach without any exertion. Here are the talented instructions that would brew the delicious full pot or single serve of coffee without losing the original aroma of coffee. Click here to see the Top coffee maker on this brands. The basic steps for how to use it:

How to use hamilton beach coffee maker

To properly use of this coffee maker, at first you recognize the all-important parts of these coffee machines. Watch the parts are given below:

  • Lid
  • Spreader
  • Locking tabs
  • Spring
  • Water and milk reservoir
  • Dispenser bar
  • Coffee basket
  • Filter basket
  • Washer
  • Serving spout
  • Timer
  • Programming bar
  • On/Off button
  • Cup trip handle

The use of this coffee maker starts with the basics. Every great cup of coffee includes important points for the right use of the coffee maker system.

Know your roast:

Dark to light brown color…

Choose your favorite coffee grounds or test different coffee roast for selecting the right one like

Light: mild in flavors but contain high caffeine

Medium: medium roast may refer as American because these are a bit stronger in taste. You can also see them as the name of City or breakfast.

Slightly dark: it has a combination of a bitter and sweet aftertaste, and you will find them as Vienna or Full City.

Dark: higher in bitterness and consider to be less acidic than any other roast. This roast has a wide range of flavors, and their names might use interchangeably.

After selecting the roast, follow these points for the correct use of the Hamilton Beach, coffee maker system.

  • Wash all the parts of the system before the use. Wash the inside of the system with warm and soapy water. The base might be damaged by the contact of water to keep the water away from this part.
  • Gently dampen the coffee basket for securing the coffee in the basket otherwise it will slip through the holes.
  • Always use the required amount of the coffee. Don’t add hard coffee grounds otherwise, it will damage the coffee basket.
  • Carefully place the basket on the top side of the body that leads to pushing the coffee. Hold the coffee basket and with great care place it into the lower portion of the coffee machine.
  • Adjust the water level into the reservoir tank according to your needs.
  • Now Adjust the top of the system until it fits into its place.
  • Adjust the program like timing, brewing option and serving size of the coffee
  • Switch on the machine and wait for the system to start working.
  • The machine will automatically stop the system after finishing and switch the settings to warm. This will keep the coffee warm and fresh for hours.

NOTE: remove the coffee basket and pump, if you want to keep your coffee in warm settings for a long time.

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