How to Grow Your Appreciation of Home-Brewed Coffee

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How to Grow Your Appreciation of Home-Brewed Coffee

How to Grow Your Appreciation of Home-Brewed Coffee

Many of us don’t come alive in the morning until we’ve had our first sip of coffee. Some call it an affliction, but as coffee lovers, we revel in the enjoyment of a beverage that does so much more than just kick us into action on early starts.

Indeed, coffee is something to be savored and appreciated in all environments and in all situations. A home-brewed creation offers many advantages that even our favorite coffeehouse cannot rival.

The budget-conscious know all too well that cafes can be a drain on our wallet and a disappointing waste of money that could be better deployed purchasing our favorite roast for home brewing.

Not only is this approach more economical, but there’s something truly satisfying in the experience of enjoying coffee without the stresses and strains of the outside world imposing on a moment of reflection and refueling.

But what is the ‘optimal’ way to design a home space that puts the coffee first?

Well, for starters, ample counter space and an open plan layout are perfect for both preparation and consumption. This Santa Fe home featured in Dwell might just be an ideal example of a cozy living space that brings out the best in a coffee experience.

Marble Counters

Marble counters are durable, convenient, and can be juxtaposed beautifully with dark wood flooring and cabinets. Whether you’re using an espresso machine, creating drip coffee, or preparing your brew with a French press, ample counter space makes the process that much easier.

Although many of us are satisfied with space-saving coffee equipment at home, there are others who adamantly stand by professional-grade tools.

For instance, while the Breville Barista Express is an impressive and highly functional machine, it can end up consuming valuable kitchen space.

While not everyone has the luxury of occupying an apartment or home with an expansive kitchen, it can pay dividends to forgo square footage in other areas in order to create a space dedicated to the creation of excellent coffee.

Dark Wood Cabinets

The combination of marble counters and dark wood features is timeless and aesthetic. The contrast is heightened when the rich color of coffee is added to the equation.

Our homes are a retreat from the bustling outdoors and the materials we surround ourselves influence us in ways that go far beyond practical considerations.

A well-designed kitchen is both functional and beautiful. It can make the process of creating coffee enjoyable and seamless. Neglecting to prioritize kitchen design can impede us in more ways than one.

Open Plan Layout

Fundamentally, the enjoyment of coffee is a social experience. It’s not coincidental that coffeehouses around the world have been adopted as the foremost social venues in their communities.

A great cup of coffee is savored and relished. It can be a shared experience and a gentle aid in energizing and lifting a conversation.

Open plan home kitchens create a social space in which people feel a sense of togetherness throughout the home. This can undoubtedly drive greater bonding and greater satisfaction when we meet with the people we care about in order to share an enjoyment of coffee and conversation.

Mastering Preparation

Home preparation of coffee strikes fears into many people. After all, a complex coffee creation can be just one order away when you step into a local cafe.

The benefits of learning to create coffee are not just financial. Making your own cup can be incredibly satisfying and it opens up a wealth of options that far exceed the menu of a typical cafe.

Thousands of boutique coffee suppliers now offer their products directly to consumers. Homebrewing allows for experimentation and new tasting experiences.

This guide from Eating Well is a succinct introduction to the rules and methods for starting out. Even though equipment can cost money initially, the investment pays dividends well into the future as savings add up.

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