Hamilton Beach flexbrew review

Top 7 Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 7 Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Reviews and its Buying Guide

Don’t know which coffee machine is best for your use? Or are you looking to buy the best model from Hamilton Beach Coffeemaker for your daily use? Then don’t take tension. The solution to your problem is now in front of you. Choose your best model from our Top 7 Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Reviews on the list below.

Our Top Pick: Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 49980A

Design for advance brewing with rich coffee to general

This Multipurpose Programmable Coffee Machine is stronger, energy efficient, longer lasting and perfect for Bolder taste coffee or general as your want.

Customer Ratings

Today we are going to review the Seven New Discovered Strongest and Powerful coffee machine from Hamilton Beach FlexBrew. These 7 coffee machines are best in their manual working, and you can brew your coffee with your favorite ground for yourself or for the complete family.

Yes, you can choose any kind of ground for coffee. In these reviews of Hamilton Beach Coffeemaker, you are not only going to see complete product descriptions with pros but also the list of their cons. In this way, you can easily select one best coffee maker for yourself.

Our reviews and tips are 100% real and trustable so you are in right place today.

This is our top Six list. Clicking below will take you to Amazon to view the latest price, read user review and customer question-answer:

  1. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49980A
  2. The Hamilton Beach 49981A
  3. Single Serve Hamilton Beach 48464
  4. Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Coffee Maker 47900
  5. Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Maker (49950C)
  6. Hamilton Beach (49976) Coffeemaker
  7. Hamilton Beach 49983, 2 Way Flexbrew Coffeemaker

No more discussion here, let’s start to have a look at the reviews of these products.

#1 |Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Reviews (49980A)

This Versatile automatic Drip Coffee Maker from Hamilton beach comes with an Efficient single-serving option, or you can make the whole pot of coffee for your family. You can control this machine programmable.

Strongly Brewing of coffee all depends upon you. You can brew the ground in a bold way, or Regular all depends upon your taste. The single-serving side of this Hamilton Beach coffee maker works with soft pods, so you don’t have to worry about putting coffee all the time in it.

Are you a Bold Taste coffee lover? Then this coffee machine from Hamilton Beach is going to be your first love. This single-serve coffee making machine is affordable with low-maintenance so you can brew the cup or full pot of premium-roast coffee in no time. You can adjust your travel mug or shorter size of the cup and can enjoy 14Oz of evenly brew coffee!!!

With its long-lasting durability of stainless steel, this machine comes with the auto-shutoff option you don’t have to worry about if you forget to switch off the machine.

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Product Description:

  • Manufacturer                   –           Hamilton Beach
  • DepartmentUnisex          –           Adult
  • Model Number                 –           49980A
  • Product Dimensions        –           13.7*11.4*15.4 Inches
  • Total Weight                      –           11.85 pounds
  • Shipping Weight               –           9.2 pounds


  • 2 – Way brewing option _ freshly brewed one cup of coffee or a full pot for the whole family
  • The programmable coffee machine with hours and minutes option or directly program it up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Brew your coffee with favorite grounds and boldly or regularly.
  • Yes, it can keep the hot plate retain from the dripping of coffee after brewing.
  • Automatically shutoff option after the 2 – hours of coffee brewing


  • This variant from Hamilton beach does not include any travel mug or K – cup.
  • The single-serving size of this coffee maker is easily breakable.
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#2 | Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker

Do you want hotter, more brewer and faster coffee in no time? Then no worries!!! This variant is one of the best coffee makers from this Review of Hamilton Beach FlexBrew. This single scoop serving coffee maker with any kind of coffee ground brews a customizable cup of coffee for you. Yes with its fast functioning system you can brew 8Oz only in 90 minutes or 14 Oz in two and a half minutes.

This Multipurpose Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is perfect with its incredible features than any gourmet option. You can make an ultra-simple cup of coffee in only three steps, Scoops, Place and start brewing. Yes, it is made up of stainless steel material and doesn’t require any extra equipment. In the end, the single – scoop coffee maker offers you affordability. You can easily clean all the parts of this Hamilton Beach Coffee machine.

Product Description:

Subject Description
Manufacturer Hamilton Beach
Model Number 49981A
Department Unisex – Adult
Product Dimension 9.8*7.6*13.5 inches
Total Weight 5.35 pounds
Shipping Weight 5.35 pounds
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  • With built-in adjustable stand holds
  • Standard size cup or extra taller travel mug
  • Setting for Automatic drip or Bold
  • Spill-resistant of excess coffee with the help of wide drip tray on base
  • After the brewing, it shut off automatically.
  • Durability is high and has high-quality extra buttons.


  • It can only brew one cup of coffee at one time
  • It does not include any kind of filter paper
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#3 | Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Coffee Maker(48464)

Tired of carafe system? Or worried because your coffee maker spills a lot of coffee on your countertop?? Or you want a handy machine that does not cover all the space on your counter??? Don’t you want to make coffee every time you want to drink?

The only solutions for all the above problems are Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker model no 48464. You can make almost 12 cups of coffee at one time. This coffee maker comes with the inter heater so you can enjoy more brewer and hotter coffee for up to 4 hours. This BrewStation coffee maker is without any glass carafe and offers you a convenient one-hand dispensing system.

This coffee maker has an inner pot system and also the programmable automatic shutoff option. Best of all parts the brewing is easy, and you can make coffee with your favorite grounds only by filling water and permanent filter with grounds.

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Product Description:

Subject Description
Manufacturer Hamilton Beach
Model Number 48464
Department Kitchen Appliances
Product Dimension 11*8.2*15.2 Inches
Total Weight 5.51 pounds
Shipping Weight 7.3 Pounds
Coffee Making Time About 5 minutes


This Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker has numerous pros such as below

  • Maintains the freshly brewed taste of coffee
  • All parts are available in your nearest shop for this coffee machine.
  • No need for carafe, it can easily hold the coffee in its inside tank.
  • By pressing the press bar, it is always ready to dispense coffee.
  • Stainless steel design on the control panel makes it looks stylish.
  • Programmable timer with shutoff after the customizable use of 4 hours.
  • It can also work as a traditional coffee maker but in an advanced way
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Like any other coffee maker, this Hamilton Beach Coffee Machine also has few errors. Such as below

  • If you accidentally put the coffee tank or removable reservoir in the dishwasher, you cannot get your favorite coffee.
  • It can only brew 1 cup of coffee at one time. So if you are in a hurry to dispense more than one cup at one time than this is not for you.
  • Its water filling option is also not so picky
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#4| Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Coffee Maker (47900)

The 47900 model of Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Coffee Maker is the most attractive appliance and completely traditional Drip Coffee Maker from the automatic line. From our Tooler Coffee lab test of this 12 cup coffee maker proved its multiple criteria functions.

Need more durable coffee maker for longer-lasting? This is one of the best programmable coffee makers which ensures your long life and also you should not carry it to a mechanic before 3-4 years of first buying. For a large family or office use, this model is the strongly right choice for its 12 cups service with higher quality coffee including the finest flavor in only 5 to 6 minutes.

Let’s go to discuss in its multiple features below.

You will get some hot and fresh coffee up to 4 hours with the help of its internal heater enclosed herewith technical brewing system. The machine starts perfect brewing during your command and maintains fresh brewing until delivery.

You don’t need to use any external carafe because this brilliant coffee maker holds coffee in its internal tank like the modern technology traditional drip coffee maker. It has a removable water tank so that you can fill up easily or clean it.

This energy-efficient machine will be currently ready for dispensing one cup at a time when you press bar. If you set brewing time and sleep you don’t need to wake up for brewing because this machine will automatically start brew as you time settings and serve up to 12 cups of hot coffee. If you forgot to off this machine it will shut off with its self off the automatic system.

Another great thing is this versatile coffee maker contains 4 advance brewing options so that you can brew a bold taste coffee, regular coffee, 1-4 cup selection and make ice coffee easily just setting its program.


  • Fresh and original brewed flavor
  • Hot up to 4 hours
  • Super programmable
  • 4 advance brewing options
  • Up to 12 cups of coffee Brew
  • Removable water tank
  • 24 hours programmable
  • Automatically wake up for brewing


  • Need to clean to get right taste after 2-3 days
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#5| Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Maker (49950C) Manual

This Efficient model is a relatively new version from Hamilton Beach to faster play your coffee game. It is not possible every time two persons like the same grounds of coffee. If you and your partner or the whole family do not like the same type of coffee and you have to make coffee several times according to the taste of every person.

From the single-serving option to the full pot of coffee _ Increase the speed of your favorite coffee brewing.

At home when you are making fresh coffee, the customizable flexibility and brew are keys. With this model of hamilton beach flex brew manual, you can make a dynamic single serving of coffee according to your taste or can make a full pot with any coffee grounds.

 This coffee maker is compatible with K – Cup packs or ground coffee. With this entire package, you can also get a gold-tone filter. This machine comes with new technology programming features of pause and serves with the automatic shutoff after the use of 2 hrs.

Sometimes you don’t get to know which water reservoir has how much water. This is the biggest reason your coffee making machines does not go so long with you. In this Hamilton Beach FlexBrew, each brewer comes with its water brewing window so you can quickly get to know which brewer has how much water.

The 49950C model from Hamilton Beach Brands is internationally famous for the ability to clearly and quickly understand the problems and wanted of coffee lovers. With this coffee maker and it’s 2 – way brewing option you can magically satisfy all type of coffee fans in your house. With pack piercing needle you can remove feature cups easily for cleaning purposes.

You can also get a holder or brew basket for the storage inside the cup rest. Yes, you can also choose the brew strength from regular to bold according to the demand. For more detailed information must read refer user manual of Hamilton Beach coffee machine.

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Product Description

Subject Description
Manufacturer Hamilton Beach
Model Number 49950C
Department Kitchen Appliances
Product Dimension 13.7*11.4*12.2 inches
Item Weight 12.8 pounds
Shipping Weight 12.8 pounds
Coffee Making Time About 5 minutes

[amazon_link asins=’B00EI7DPPI,B00EI7DPS0,B001K66LPQ,B0768NNG4X,B06Y2WCHDV,B00E0QMDSM’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’toolercoffee-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8c2ed755-dd42-11e8-acea-2371cb86995c’]

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Let’s have a look at its advantages.

For the single serving:

  • Easily brew your coffee with or without the single-serve packs you get brew basket.
  • The easy cleaning option allows you to get hygienic coffee
  • You can use the adjustable cup rest to hold your favorite cup easily.
  • Brew up to 10 Oz with K – cups while travel mug with 14 Oz grounds

For full – pot serving

  • With the auto pause and serve option you can pour a cup of coffee while brewing
  • Gold-tone filter removes and eliminates stains from the coffee
  • 24 hours programmable timer with the auto-shutoff option after 2 – hours


Yes, this the fantastic FlexBrew coffee maker also has a few errors.

  • Expect of the fresh and mouthwatering smell of coffee you may get rotten or smell like machine
  • Water overflow may occur
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#6| Hamilton Beach FlexBrew (49976) Single Cup Coffeemaker

Confirming to Hamilton’s reputation for high brewing record, the Hamilton 49976 is exactly a Marvelous coffee maker. From the single serving option to a pot full of freshly brewed coffee _ Maximize the flexibility level of your brewing

Want to make coffee for your whole family, or you love to drink more than one cup at one time??? With this variant of Hamilton Beach FlexBrew, you can brew a single cup of coffee or the full pot by using your favorite grounds. For your easiness, this coffee maker comes along with single-serve holder and brew basket in which you can hold your grounds.

You can easily indicate the water level in this coffee maker because it has 2 water filling reservoirs. If you are using K- cups you can brew 10 Oz of your grounds easily. You can also choose the strength for the brewing of your coffee between Bold to Regular.

This Muscular model of the coffee maker from our reviews of Hamilton Beach FlexBrew comes in black color and easily adjustable for your kitchen. Yes, it can easily adjust to tall mugs and duets as storage. You can keep your coffee warm up to 2 – hours with its programmable clock.

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Product Description

Subject Description
Manufacturer Hamilton Beach
Model Number 49976
Department Kitchen Appliances
Product Dimension 11.4*12.2*13.7
Item Weight 6.37 pounds
Shipping Weight 14.4 pounds
Coffee Making Time About 5 minutes
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This Gorgeous Model from Hamilton Beach contains a lot of vital features. Let’t know it below

  • Easily fill water reservoirs with a water feature window.
  • With two brewing strengths get your favorite flavor of coffee
  • Enjoy all the perks of single-serve or 12 cups, full pot

For single serving option:

  • Brew your preferred flavor of coffee by using steadfast pack user or your roasted grounds
  • Get a pack holder or single-serve brew basket
  • With the assembly tool of pack piercing, it’s easy to clean this coffee maker

For full pot option:

  • Programmable coffee maker and easily fit in your schedule with the digital clock system
  • Set the brew time in advance up to 24 hours
  • By auto pause and serve option it’s easy to pour a cup by removing carafe during the brewing
  • With auto-shutoff button your coffee can remain to warn up to 2 hours, so no need to worry if you left the coffee machine on.
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Like every other electronic machine, this hamilton beach flex brew error here.

  • Sometimes you get confused with buttons because their labels wipe off easily
  • This coffee maker with its advanced features is bit heavy and can cover a lot of space on your countertop
  • Easily get clogging if do not clean according to the given instruction
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#7| Hamilton Beach 2 Way Coffee Maker 49983

This is another one of the Efficient and Powerful Drip Coffee Brewer from Hamilton which achieved a talented reputation in the coffee brewing world. Secondly, an unusual variant from Hamilton Beach coffee maker can add easiness in your easiness. It has an extra feature is the 2-way brewing system. So, this option direct helps you to rapid serving of fresh coffee.

With this hamilton beach 2-way coffee maker you can make either the full pot or single serving of coffee. As you compare the brewing flexibility of this coffee maker with others, then the result is not going to disappoint you.

Yes, its brewing flexibility is stronger and better than others. What is more for your wondering????

Make your own choice of brewing while using K – cup pack or the coffee grounds you love the most. Want to enjoy cup after cup of coffee no problem with the full pot side you can make up to 12 cups of freshly brewed coffee.

Woo, you are getting so much benefit in just one machine it’s amazing. Yes, this coffee maker is equipped with step by step side guide or just read the complete user manual of this model from our Hamilton Beach FlexBrew review.

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Product Description:

Subject Description
Manufacturer Hamilton Beach
Model Number 49983
Department Kitchen Appliances
Product Dimension 10.2*10.6*13.9 Inches
Item Weight 6.4 pounds
Coffee Making Time Less or just 5 minutes
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  • Brew up to full pot of coffee
  • With 14 Oz of ground coffee _ easy brewing in a travel mug
  • Adjustable cup rest for easy pouring of coffee in cups of any size
  • At regular or bold brew strength make a full pot of coffee
  • Flexibility level of brewing is high than any compatible coffee maker


As per customer reviews the most noticeable defects in this coffee maker are:

  • Sometimes coffee smell like a machine or give the rotten taste
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See this Full Video to know how to use this 2 way Coffee Maker in right way

[amazon_link asins=’B00EI7DPPI,B00EI7DPS0,B001K66LPQ,B0768NNG4X,B06Y2WCHDV,B00E0QMDSM’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’toolercoffee-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8c2ed755-dd42-11e8-acea-2371cb86995c’]

Value of Drinking Coffee

Drinking Coffee is increasing day by day. Because the people are being advanced from before and old status. They have learned to understand how much drinking is necessary for a person. In developed countries, a cup of coffee does not break their sleep without coffee. They are drinking at least two cups of coffee at least a day.

In the Brown University’s campus of Japan, every Student must show their ID card to get a cup of coffee. Coffee plays an important role in stimulating our minds and body. Apart from research, it is known that if drinking two to three cups of coffee daily, you can survive from the possibility of some diseases.

Buying Guide

Above you have the all-important information about the best coffee makers from Hamilton Beach. The next step is choosing the machine which can fully cover your needs. Let’s have a look at some benefits you will get with these machines.

Two ways of brewing:

Want to take full advantage of brewing in 2 ways?? Choose that variant which lies in double features with single-serving option or the full pot of coffee.

Water Reservoirs:

If you want to have the check on water reservoirs or worried because of lots of splitting of coffee on your kitchen counter. Choose that variant which comes with water reservoirs and with view water window you can always have a check on the water.

Advance brewing option:

Feel lazy and want to sleep more for some time? Go ahead and have some more peaceful sleep.

Hamilton Beach Coffee machine automatically provides you with the range of several coffee maker machines and no need training required. Choose that variant which comes with 24 hours programmable digital timer.

Small space:

If you are looking for small convenient coffee makers than try one which does not cover all the space on your counter. Some coffee makers are heavy, and some are lighter in weight always choose that which is not heavy, and you can carry it easily.

Soft Pods for better brewing:

If you are too busy and don’t have time to measure the scoops. So always choose that Coffeemaker from the all above mention variants which come with soft pods. The soft pod can brew the coffee recipe grounds of any brand and still provide the whole fresh and sensory experience for coffee lovers. With this part of FlexBrew, the coffee machine adds an extra effort bonus for those coffee lovers who want to heat their beans.

Coffee Brewing with or without K – cups:

It entirely depends upon your choice whether you love to use the easy pack or your own choice of different grounds. You can do all these on the single-serving side easily.

Auto shutoff feature:

If your schedule of the daily routine is very busy and you frequently forget to switch off your coffee machine then always our original Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker keeps you completely separate from this critical problem.

Our all Coffee Machine from above was always fast, trusty, reliable, and extremely efficient in past history and its reputation will increase day by day with new science and technology. Choose that machine for yourself which has the option of auto-shutoff.

Technical Specification:

You can get all the information regarding the technical specification of the product with each species of Hamilton Beach FlexBrew.

As you can see:

  • The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Guide
  • Hamilton Beach coffee maker manual
  • Hamilton Beach FlewBrew coffee maker all warranty and support information

Just fell into love with any of the above mention coffee makers from Hamilton Beach. Here is all detail about the purchasing system of Amazon.

From the Amazon shopping app, you can find and purchase many physical items. The shopping items you placed in your cart from the Amazon Shopping app will be visible on the site Amazon.com

For putting the order of your favorite Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffeemaker follows the points mentioned below.

Look the Special Characters of Hamilton Beach

  • Complete visit the page of the product you are going to buy like any variant of the coffee maker and get all the information.
  • If you like any coffee maker machine from FlexBrew, click on the Add to Cart.
  • After adding the desired product in the cart, your next step is to tap on the shopping cart item.
  • If you want to buy your selected items later, you can also save them for later shopping, or you can also edit or delete the products from your shopping cart.
  • You can keep track of your orders.
  • After confirming that you want to buy that selected item tap on the checkout button.
  • You can make changes in payment methods by taping on the edit payment method.
  • After taping on the checkout option, you get the complete information about the checkout.
  • Please review your product information before completing the checkout process.
  • Tap on the place your order to achieve your shopping.
🛒 See top product on Amazon

By doing shopping from Amazon, you can easily keep the record of your order. If you don’t like the item, you shop on Amazon or want to change the item or refund your payment then don’t worry? 

Amazon also provides the facility for you to edit your payment method. You can keep all track of shopping carrier info. Amazon always provides you products within reasonable days after placing the orders.

This video can help you to ready your Single Serve Coffee within a very short time

How to use Hamilton Beach BrewStation Perfectly?

Without any confusion, Hamilton Beach is surely a Royal Classes Brand Name and they achieved this incredible reputation by Supplying Higher quality products around the worlds. The products are durable but you need to know the proper use of any product from any brands. In this section of Hamilton beach flexbrew reviews I am going to discuss below how to use hamilton beach brewstation properly and perfectly in just 8 steps.

  • Step 1:
    First of all, remove the water reservoir from the right side of the machine. Lift the water tank up by sliding the lid to the right. Take out the filter case and remove the drip tray from the bottom of the coffee maker.
  • Step 2:
    Whether you want to brew a single cup or the full pot of coffee, fill the water reservoir tank up to your desired level. Place the reservoir on the right side of the machine.
  • Step 3:
    Add 1 tablespoon of your favorite roasted coffee grounds and line it around the basket. Remember not to use more than 12 tablespoons for a full pot.
  • Step 4:
    Place the filter basket straight in the downside of the tank. Adjust the handle like-lip of the basket to the opposite side of the tank.  At the bottom of the tank, there is a small recess that fits all control and shows the panel like the shelf. Close the lid and place the drip tray at the beneath of the dispenser bar.
  • Step 5:
    Now adjust the settings like you want “Regular” or “Bold coffee” or 1 to 4 cups of coffee. Press the button until your desire settings appear on the screen.
  • Step 6:
    By pressing the warm button, you will be able to select the hours from 0 to 4. This will keep your coffee warm in the coffee tank.
  • Step 7:
    Push on/off button to start the brewing cycle. For determining the brewing of coffee, keep an eye on the left side of the tank. When the brewing of coffee is finished, the coffee maker will automatically stop making all the mixing noises.
  • Step 8:
    Place the mug/cup at the dispenser tray for the coffee. You can reset the all warm setting by holding the on/off button for 3 seconds. You can also change the original settings if you want to keep your coffee warm for more hours.

Conclusion and Value for money:

After taking the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Reviews up to bottom, you are getting a profitable deal. This does not matter which type of machine you are ordering, no matter you are choosing K – cups coffee maker or not, no matter if you are choosing your coffee maker with the soft pod or not.

We recommend to buy Hamilton Beach (49950C) drip automatic coffee maker for better using. But you this is no matter you can use anyone of the above.

Every product from Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is convenient in its way. So no worries you are not wasting your money always take the full review of product read carefully the warranty options, the manual guide for users and watch the complete video for the official use of your product.

It’s not important whether you like the coffee with bold or the regular cup of coffee, no matter you wants to make coffee for yourself or the whole family. The Hamilton Beach coffee makers are the excellent pick and fit well in your demands.

See Our Recommended Coffee Maker

Our Top Pick: Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 49980A

Design for advance brewing with rich coffee to general

This Multipurpose Programmable Coffee Machine is stronger, energy efficient, longer lasting and perfect for Bolder taste coffee or general as your want.

Customer Ratings


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