Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Parts

Hamilton beach coffee maker parts List

Hamilton Beach coffee maker parts List

Many coffee lovers affect with worry after buying some coffee maker for lack of their Parts. Because there are many coffee makers have in the market with the highest price but their parts are generally not available in the market. For this reason, these coffee lover faces to a critical problem after buying a few months. Hamilton Beach is a company which is manufacture and directly distribute their Coffee Maker and its all parts on the market. For the Hamilton Coffee Maker Users, I highlight Hamilton beach coffee maker parts list below.

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Hamilton Beach 40515 40515R 45-Cup Coffee Urn, Silver, Medium Size

The 40515R Parts of Hamilton Beach is carefully made with pure silver with compact design. It is not too small or too large this is why it can be use easily. This is faster and it takes only one minute for brewing and it has an
indicator light which help you to know when your coffee is ready. This indicator light will be automatically power on after brewed. This Coffee Urn is able to makes 15 cups to 45 cups of coffee at single time brew. It has water level mark sign for easy filling and 2 way dispenser for single cup or continuous filling.

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Hamilton Beach 40540 Brew Station

This Brew Station has dual heater system to maintain your coffee’s temperature without overcooking. It gives you a tasteful fresher coffee flavor.  This one hand dispensing part is very easy to use and clean. It has a comfort grip handle to carry. You can serve up to 40 people with one filling. It has a powerful heater which is able to heat the entire tank of coffee only 45 to 60 seconds.

Product Dimensions11.3 x 11.3 x 16.8 inches
Item Weight4.7 pounds
ManufacturerHamilton Beach
Shipping AriaAll over America
Item Model No40540

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Pod Basket:

  • The Pod Basket is a replacement able part of Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker. This part is made with high-quality healthy plastic with black color. The Hamilton Beach manufactured and direct distribute all over the world. So, you don’t need to take a tension of having the Pod Basket for your Hamilton Beach coffee maker. The product price is low compared to other coffee maker parts and it is easily available to your nearest shop.

Brew Basket, Single Serve:

  • The Prominent Hamilton Beach Company manufactures and supplies this Brew Basket for the single serve. It is available maximum store in your nearest place. This part is made with examined black color healthy plastic.

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Hamilton Beach Permanent Gold Tone Filter

The Genuine Manufacturer Hamilton Beach directly supplies this Permanent Gold Tone Filter on the market. This filter fits with your coffee brewing station. It is a Make sure this fits by entering your model number. It is Eliminates paper filter which is very easy to clean. This part does not fit the Brew Station Deluxe model 47454 and the 6-Cup model 48274. It will be the best fit with your 8 to 12-Cup Coffee Makers 80675R or 80675 models. To check the price or buy it please go to the button below.

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Filter Basket, Single Serve:

  • The Filter Basket for the single serve parts replacement is very simple. The main task of this parts is filtering your coffee. It is an authentic part that is directly manufactured and supplied from the original equipment manufacturer of Hamilton Beach for use with Hamilton Beach coffee makers. Remember it is a single serve size and made with high-quality durable plastic.

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Filter Holder:

  • This is a part which is Includes One (1) Single Serve Coffee Pack Holder and made with healthy plastic Black color from Hamilton Beach. This part is very easy to install into your coffee maker. If you can put it right place then it auto fit its position.

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Filler Cap Replacement Part

Hamilton Beach Company supply this filter cap all over America. You can Use this genuine OEM filter cap parts for better safety, reliability, and most advantageous performance. The replacement system is very easy. Product price is generally low and you can get this part $7 to $10 on Amazon and your nearest store.

Part Number990044000
Item Weight3.2 Ounces
Product Dimensions6 x 4 x 4 inches
Item model number990044000
ColorClear and Black

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Coffee Maker Replacement Brew Basket Black 990117900:

  • This Brew Basket is black and compatible for Hamilton beach 49980A model. This part is available for 2-Way Brewer Coffee maker and 2-Way Flex Brew Coffee maker.

Coffee Maker Replacement Carafe Black:

  • By chance your carafe of your coffee maker is broken, damaged or old you can take a new Carafe 12 cup parts, Complete with High-quality healthy Black plastic. The replacement system is very easy, so it doesn’t need any experience.

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Coffee Maker Replacement Travel Mug:

  • This is an external part of this coffee maker. There is fully chance to carry out this mug to any place, so it is called Travel Mug. You can easily replace this mug any time or you can use any size and any model mug to hold and taking coffee.
  • This is a tall, narrow and beautiful design travel Mug. This travel mug comes from Hamilton Beach with the features of a rubber gasket for a leak-proof seal. This mug is highly comfortable to hold 500 ml coffee. You can get a new mug in your nearest store only for $10 to $14.

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  • There will be no other mug setup except this travel mug with Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker, not like that. You can set up any kinds of a travel mug with it and use any another travel mug to hold your coffee from your Hamilton Beach coffee maker. For Example, the Bubba HERO Grip Stainless Steel Travel Mugs is also the Best model to hold your coffee and it will be better set up with your Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker. This Mug is established with high-quality Double-walled Vacuum-insulated stainless steel. This Travel mug keeps your drinks same cold up to 12 hours and hot up to 6 hours without sweating. It is easily able to hold 12 ounces of hot or cold coffee. This Travel Mug is very easy to Clean and it has a locking flap and guaranteed for your life.

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Tray, Drip – 49980:

  • This Drip Tray comes on the market from Hamilton Beach manufacturer with High-Quality Healthy Black color Plastic. This Tray Drip is available for $7.00-$8.00.

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Multilevel Cup Rest:

  • This Multilevel Cup Rest is a part of authentic OEM which comes from Hamilton Beach and effectively used for the Hamilton Beach 49983 2-way Flex Brew and 49980A model. Multilevel Cup Rest is made with stainless steel and its using system is very easy. The Hamilton Beach is directly manufacturing and distributes this authentic replacement part. This stainless Multilevel Cup Rest is available separately in the coffee maker market.

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Drain Tray Assembly – 48463

  • The Drain Tray Assembly – 48463 is mostly use to make all aspects of growing potted plants easier and cleaner. The Hamilton Beach Coffeemaker 48463 model contains this Drain Tray Assembly – 48463. You can collect this part from your nearest shop or by ordering from Amazon only for $8 to $10.

Coffee Tank, Black, SS Front

  • It is an authentic part and widely uses on some Brewing Station on the coffee machines. The Hamilton Beach manufacturer supply the Coffee Tank, Black, SS Front parts worldwide. The Product number is 990082401 and weight is only 1.32 Ibs. The Hamilton Beach Company supply this parts all over the world.
  • This tank contains a filter basket of the coffee maker and brewed coffee inside it. You can see this part in front of the water tank, on top of the plush plates. A flip-up handle is its best and features. The Coffee Tank, Black, SS Front parts are available separately in the market.

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Filter Basket – 48463

  • The Filter Basket – 48463 is a genuine replacement part which is set up for use with Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers 48464. Specifically, it is made for using on Hamilton 48464 model. Plastic filter baskets are used in permanent filters home and coffee is vented to dissolve coffee in tanks. These plastic filter baskets are available as part of a separate replacement.

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  • Scoop is a beautiful part of the coffee maker. This scoop focus with nice condition and wood handle with good shape. It is an external part of the coffee making tools. There are many low-quality scoops in the market with plastic handle and low-quality iron. The Scoop that made with Low-quality iron is not healthy for our human body.

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This spout handle is very easy to push up and down. It made with high quality healthy black plastic.

Parts Number990085400
Item Weight0.64 Ounces
ManufacturerHamilton Beach
Shipping AriaAll over America
Item Model No26-4371

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  • Hamilton Beach Company manufactured and supplied this part about ten years around the world. Replaced gasket from cup fill valve is very easy and no experience recurred. To replace it, just out the old gasket and put a new one. Now the cleaner run about two cycles throws the coffee maker and the old brewer looks like new.

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  • The HB Water Filter is an important part of your coffee maker. This part seriously filters the water and supply completely fresh water in the brewing system. This filter improves your coffee flavor and Removes chlorine taste from coffee. Each filter lasts up to 60 brew cycles.

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Water Filter Pod:

  • The Water Filter Pod is a replacement water pods that you use when you need to clean cycle for your coffee machine. The pods are shorter and leave a gap at the bottom of the holder. Although it is shorter, it does fit the top where the water enters.
  • In the measuring, it is 4 x 4 x 1.5 inches and the weight is 1.6 ounces. The famous Hamilton Beach Company directly manufactures and distribute this Water Filter Pod.

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Water Filter Replacement Pods and Handle (80674)

This is water filter pod and handle which is very easy and simple to replacement your Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker. Specifically, it is designed to use with the coffee brewing station and stay or go models. This Filter pod seriously filters your coffee and removes chlorine from it. And the handle has a marking which indicates you when it should replace.

Product Dimension5 x 4.4 x 1.6 inches
Item Weight3.2 Ounces
ManufacturerHamilton Beach
Shipping AriaAll over America
Item Model No80674

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Single-Serve Pack Holder 99015560

This single-serve Pack holder 99015560 is a compatible replacement part of Hamilton beach coffee making machine. You can easily and quickly snap into place without helping any others necessary tools.

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The original Basket’s cover would come with 49980A model. This part is in dimension with 4 * 4 * 2 inches and weight is 08 ounces. It is also easy setup parts and no experience have required.

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Hamilton Beach 990044100 Stem with Spring

It is a cheap stem part with supported a qualified spring. It comes with height 9.0 inches and length is 7.0 inches. The sensitive spring of this stem helps to easily contraction and expansion.

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Hamilton Beach 990044200 FAUCET ASSEMBLY

This part is located outside of each coffee maker. The brewing coffee is coming out with this part. A plastic handle is attached with this part and this handle can easily push up and down to take a cup of coffee. This faucet assembly in measuring 6*4*4 inches and weight is only 1 pound. The Hamilton Beach Company directly manufactures and distribute this part all over America. So you can collect this part from your nearest store or you can directly place an order on Amazon.

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I hope this Hamilton beach coffee maker parts list must help you to identify your right part when you need to change any parts of your hamilton beach coffee maker. To know more information about Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Please Read this article. I highlighted here the Top 6 Coffee Maker from Hamilton Beach which is very popular around the world.


  1. It is difficult to find some parts of Hamilton beach coffee maker online. Your list directly helps me to find my actual parts for my hamilton beach coffee maker. Thanks for your parts list. Please share more with us.

  2. I got the Coffee Maker Replacement Carafe Black after 1 day of ordering. This is the 100% original carafe with attractive design. I hope if it is a beautiful design and it is more durable.

    Thanks for original Carafe

  3. I have bought the Brew Basket for my single serve Hamilton beach Coffee maker for home use. It was the real part and easily fit my coffee machine. Hamilton Beach is a great name for the coffee machine.

    Thank you for the part list

  4. I have seen many another website to find the right parts of my coffee maker but failed. This post extremely helps me to find my exact parts.

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