Delonghi Ecp3420 Review

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delonghi ecp3420 review

De’Longhi ECP3420 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine, 15″, Black


The De’Longhi ECP3420 15 Bar espresso machine provides barista quality results at home for you to enjoy your preferred coffee house beverages at home. It offers a wide range of beverages from cappuccinos, single or double espresso, and lattes. It has an advanced cappuccino system for the cappuccino selector and hot milk.

Details about products

Features and benefits

The DeLonghi espresso maker has unique features that have several benefits, which
make this particular machine stand out from other conventional espresso makers.

Unlike other expensive espresso makers, the DeLonghi espresso maker does a great job with most lattes and espressos even though it does not produce fine micro-foam. The lightweight design is appealing together with the stainless steel boiler and a removable water tank. You can use the design with both small and large cup sizes.

delonghi ecp3420 review

A self-priming operation and the easy to detach water filter allows every user to be quick and efficient in starting your daily morning espresso. It has a 3-in-1 filter holder incorporated in the machine to hold pods and espresso grounds; it could be either a shot or two. You can pull a second cup quickly without any delays or need of waiting.

The adjustable controls of this coffee maker make it easier for you to make changes accordingly to suit your preferred personal taste; it has 15-bar professional pressure for a high-quality outcome every time you use it. Anyone will fancy the appearance of the DeLonghi machine; at first glance, it is extremely attractive from the inside out. The superb exterior and other parts consist of professional-grade and premium quality materials. Most coffee lovers will definitely want to feature the machine on kitchen countertops without taking up much space.

In addition, the coffee maker comes with a manual frother that gives you the ability to brew espresso for a party or for the whole party. The manual frother will not need any movement it will mix milk and steam to create a creamy froth and an evenly textured drink in perfect for you. The 37-ounce water tank enables you to continuously brew quite a number of shots of espresso without any trouble concerning making changes to the water or even to clean water tanks. The quick cappuccino system keeps the temperature at the optimum level to enable you to instantly brew cup after cup.

The machine has two removable trays. With this provision, the user can make a choice between large beverages and at the same time reduce the risks of creating messes and spills; the bottom tray of the unit of this machine is very easy to fix or detach to fit taller cups. This feature makes a perfect combination with a wand and a nozzle; coffee lovers will have an opportunity to be their own version of a barista. The unit has a three in one filter holder; a holder for one shot of espresso while the other holder is for two shots and the third is for an easy to serve pod of espresso according to what you prefer.

The water tank of the DeLonghi coffee maker is convenient for its easier removal; you can also reattach and refill it and the water level in the tank is easily seen to remove any guesswork. The stainless steel boiler is great and many experienced brewers can confirm that this machine is great; it is cost-friendly.

Another necessary feature of the espresso maker is the steam knob that can turn to the closed position when the carafe fills with coffee up to the ‘2’ mark. Add seven ounces of milk to a suitable container since the milk will have to double or in some cases triple in size after the steaming process completes. The cappuccino nozzle submerges 2 inches into the milk for the steam setting; you will notice the milk will have a creamy appearance when it
increases in volume/ the machine automatically turns off after the steam exhausts itself.


All consumers will admire the price tag for this particular espresso machine; it is
cost-friendly. With this coffee maker, the user will be capable of brewing either single shots or double shots of espresso. The ability of this machine to
create foam and self-steamed milk is another great component that drinkers will
enjoy especially when concocting specialty beverages and traditional lattes.


The biggest drawback of this machine compare to others is the shorter steam time.
Notably, the machine has some difficulties with operating with compact espresso grinds.

How to use Delonghi Ecp3420

In order to prepare two cappuccinos, have water carafe filled up to the steam cloud and slightly above the 2-cup point. Why you will have to add extra water is because you will need steam for frothing the milk. Loosen the lid at the top of the machine and then add water before you replace the lid. Rotate the steam or espresso knob up to the espresso position. Place the espresso filter right into the filter holder and add some coffee to the middle mark. Tighten the filter holder after placing the coffee and put the carafe under it. Finally, to start the entire brewing process, switch ‘on’ the machine.

Why choose us

The Thermo block technology of this espresso maker heats up water in a matter of seconds; if you are in a rush in the morning you will not worry about staying late for a cup of coffee. Even when you forget to turn off the machine, it instantly turns to standby mode after some time of inactivity. You can customize the machine, and its compact design makes it easy to clean.

Cleaning and Maintaining Guide

Regular use of this espresso maker calls for regular cleaning and maintenance. The
manufacturer of DeLonghi espresso maker recommends that after 200 espressos,
clean the filter; the boiler must be taken care of as well after 300 coffees and descaling performed after 200 coffees. For descaling the unit, make sure to use a commercially available product that is specifically tailored for espresso machines; that is according to the manufacturer. Since it is a pump espresso maker modeled for every consumer to use at home, you can use both ground coffee or pod coffee. For any parts that require cleaning with water, make sure they dry up completely before use.


The quality of any espresso is normally affected by the lack of uniformity in the
grind size of the available ground coffee particles or unnecessary tamping of the
ground coffee puck. Either case can make heated water not to flow uniformly all through the coffee puck. With this espresso maker, you will not need to worry about anything affecting the working of the machine.

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