Chulux Coffee Maker Reviews

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Chulux coffee maker reviews

Chulux Coffee Maker Reviews


The Chulux coffee maker is available on Amazon with over 3000 positive reviews. The design of this specific coffee maker is ideal for anyone who prefers several choices in single-cup brewing; it is perfect for brewing hot and fresh coffee directly from your mug leaving no mess behind.

Product details

Features and benefits

The single cup coffee design ensures that the coffee brewer will fit various coffee capsules; you will not need to be concerned about 1.0 0r 2.0 anymore. The feature is advantageous because you can choose your own ground coffee; alternatively, you can develop your own private café whether you are relaxing during leisure time or in cases of rush hours.

Chulux coffee maker reviews

Another feature is the one-touch operation that comes in handy in saving time and effort. It has an 800W heating element and a fast brewing system; other elements include one button that operates on/off and an automatic shut off component, which goes off exactly after 3 minutes.

In addition, it is compact and small-sized. This feature enables the coffee maker to be convenient in use at home, apartment, office, school, hotel, caravan and many other places; in case there is limited counter space, this coffee maker is ideal especially if you want to take it anywhere for you to enjoy a fresh and hot beverage at the time you want.

The 12oz water tank and a removable drip tray is another beneficial feature. You
can be able to achieve the daily demand for coffee with no mess because it is easy to clean and store it. It can support any cups of standard size or larger cups of up to 5.3 inches tall thanks to the adjustable drip tray.

The Chulux coffee maker also comes with a one-year warranty and quality assurance;
the material of the water reservoir and needle are free from BPA. The FDA and
UL certification for the pod coffee brewer assures you of safety. Any
detachable accessory delivered with this product is absolutely dishwasher safe.

The coffee maker is also perfect for quite a number of occasions; for example in
the office, you can have a refreshing cup of coffee to improve work efficiency
when occupied with work. At home, you can develop a private café any time and
during leisure time, you can serve the tasty coffee for members of the family
and friends too. Consider carrying the chulux coffee maker for a camping trip since the travel design is great for carrying out for any short trip and camping.

For the warmest tips, it is advisable to brew water for cleaning before first using
it since it will be more useful in drawing out the essence from coffee.
Notably, the light will flash during the entire process of heating and it
further continues until when the brewing gets complete. For additional care, it
is recommended to clean the machine and descale it after every two weeks. To
prevent any traces of coffee ground in the mug, please make use of the original
coffee capsule; always add at least 5 oz. of water and place the coffee capsule
in the right position before closing the lid.

Design and Power

The Chulux coffee maker is available in a variety of colors like black, red, blue, green, and orange. The specifications of every color type are the same and they include a voltage ranging from 120V to 60 Hz, the power is 800W with two pins UL plug of 100cm power cord, and the maximum capacity is 12oz. The product size measures 4.3 inches width, 7.5 inches depth, and a height of 9.8 inches and the net weight of the entire coffee maker is 2.2 lbs.; it also comes with a 3.5 bar pump. A detachable drip tray can change the height for the mugs to ensure a splash-free brewing process; the filter basket-fit at the inlet of the water tank prevents any dust or coffee powder from falling into it.

Chulux Coffee Maker Instructions

The box comes with the following accessories: 
one water filter basket, one colored
single-serve coffee maker, one removable
cover and a detachable drip cover, and one instruction manual.

The entire package of a coffee maker comes with an instruction manual for how to
use, one water filter basket, one colored single-serve coffee, one removable cover
and a detachable drip tray. However, the package does not include a capsule, a mug,
and a reusable filter. As per the instructions, first, turn left to unlock the lid and position the coffee capsule into the holder.
Pour a specific amount of water in the reservoir preferably 5oz to 12oz
afterward, turn the lid right to lock it and place the mug on the drip tray. To
begin the brewing process, press the power button. After 3 minutes, the coffee
maker automatically shuts off. You can enjoy your coffee.

Cleaning and maintaining guide

For cleaning and maintenance purposes, fill the water tank with water and citric
acid in the ratio 4:1 then press the button to start the cleaning process. Pour
approximately 8oz of pure water after every wash to rinse out any remaining smell
of citric acid.

To clean the pod holder and the exterior part of the coffee maker, use a clean and
damp cloth but be careful since the brewer has a sharp piercing tip at the
inner section of the pod holder. Always ensure that the sealing rind that is
around the coffee outlet is always clean. Finally, the other parts to be kept
clean are the drip tray and the filter basket.

Why choose it

The Chulux coffee maker features a single cup design that is ideal for several coffee filters and coffee pods. The entire brewing process lasts for 3 minutes; therefore, this coffee maker is very efficient for saving time. In addition, you can be sure of safety since it is equipped with the automatic shut-off function. A cool touch exterior makes the machine safe to touch on the surface with no scaling hazard; an excellent choice for a home with kids.


  • Light and easy to carry around
  •  Small and easy to place in your Recreational Vehicle
  • Chulux machine is very easy to clean
  • Available at a cost-friendly price
  • It does fit bigger mugs
  • Does not take up much counter space
  • Easy to operate the coffee maker


  • Difficult to operate with compact espresso grinds
  • The water pump breaks easily


The compact and portable model of the Chulux coffee maker makes it a must-have home appliance. It is superb for any occasion be it when you are indoors or outdoors. It can also make a perfect gift choice. It is an awesome brewing system for all coffee lovers on the go.

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