Best Water for Coffee [Right Coffee to Water Ratio]

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Best Water for Coffee [Right Coffee to Water Ratio]

There are quite a number of variables to consider for a perfect cup of coffee. Well, the brand of coffee you choose to brew with is one factor; but the most important is the quality of water because a cup of coffee consists mainly of water.

Being good at water chemistry does not translate to a good cup of coffee; for conventional coffee, the Specialty Coffee Association recommends high clarity odor-free water with absolutely no chlorine residual.

It is somewhat true that your coffee will taste better if your drinking water tastes good. Hard water will more likely make a better cup of coffee compared to softened water or water softened at home; since there is some quantity of calcium and magnesium dissolved in hard water.

The two minerals especially magnesium will bring out the best flavoring in coffee; on the contrary, soft water or water with sodium instead of the two minerals will give out a flat, plain taste. The only major drawback of using hard water is its capability to gradually affect the working of an espresso machine because of scaling. However, there will be very little impact on the manual brewer.

Apart from the mineral content of water, the pH level and water temperature are other necessary factors to look into; the optimum pH is 7.0 although the allowable range is 6.5 to 7.5. Distilled water is the best water for coffee since it provides the required pH levels.

To get the all-important water chemistry right, discussed below are some four water distillers that use the best distilling technology convenient for use in your home.

Megahome Countertop Water Distiller Stainless, Glass Collection

Best Water for Coffee

Within 5 hours, The Megahome distiller produces an entire gallon of pure steam distilled water for coffee. The exterior part of the body is stainless steel for durability and a good appeal.

It is equipped with a removable lid and a glass collection bottle. The distilling process is very easy; before pressing the start button, just fill the boil compartment with water and when the cycle ends, the distiller automatically turns off.

The main parts included are the main power cord, distiller body, activated charcoal packet- one packet contains 6 filters to last for about 6 months, an 8oz cleaner for boil chamber residue, and a glass collection bottle with a nozzle insert made of porcelain.

 iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Superb Taste Drinking Water Filter System with Alkaline Remineralization – Natural pH, White

This is among the most durable filters in the industry; it has six stages with every stage modeled to continuously get rid of contaminants in order to boost the quality of water.

The RO membranes not only remove harmful pollutants but they also restore necessary minerals to provide water with a better taste and a pH of 7.0 thanks to its remineralization filter; with this water filter system, be assured of quality.

The portion of the filter containing red mineral stone brings back healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium an extremely unique feature that other filters lack.

The easy design makes it easy to install for most users. The whole system fits perfectly on a kitchen sink; the written directions for installation and use are clear and direct; in case of further clarifications, access iSpring technical support.

In addition, the filter system contains no moving parts and requires minimum maintenance.

Third Wave Water Mineral Enhanced Flavor Optimizing Coffee Brewing Water, Classic Flavor

Third Wave Water Filter

This product is specially crafted to provide natural flavors for your coffee. The packet contains minerals to bring out the natural coffee flavors while guarding the equipment against mineral scale.

The ingredients and the formulation are based on regulations established by the Specialty Coffee Association incorporating scientific research as well; not to forget the experiences and knowledge gained from the specialty coffee industry.

Magnesium is added to enhance the sweetness, sodium is great for a smooth finish, and calcium is useful for a balanced body. Third wave water improves all optimum flavors in your coffee.

When these minerals are added to water that is already distilled, the water becomes mineralized water ready for brewing your coffee. It is not advisable to brew coffee with distilled water; that is, with most coffee makers.

Travel Berkey Water Filter with 2 Black Berkey Filters and 2 PF2 Fluoride Filters

Travel Berkey Water Filter

Travel Berkey can hold a maximum of 1.5 gallons of water and is equipped with a stainless steel filter. The two filters completely remove contaminants from water and no electricity or water pressure is needed for its operation.

The filter will make untreated water drinkable after filling the container with the water you want to treat. It can purify water from streams, ponds, and lakes eliminating any cysts present in water, bacteria, and other parasites.

The advantage of this water purifier is that it easy to carry and pack because of its compact nature; this is an excellent choice for outdoor activities like camping.  Surprisingly, it is so small but it can effectively filter water while offering high capacity filtration.

For the correct coffee to water ratio, you may initially try out varying amounts to get the right ratio of coffee and water. Nevertheless, it is recommended to put approximately six ounces of water for every 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee.

Your preferred amount may change so be free to experiment with varying amounts. In case you get the perfect ratio, continue with the same. While at it, perform a number of tests on the ‘cup lines’ on the brewer to know how they stack up. Several brewers have their cups differently gauged and you may notice that it will not be exactly six ounces.


 As for the water temperature, use near boiling water with temperatures just slightly in excess of 90 degrees Celsius (between 190 to 208 degrees Fahrenheit) at the standard atmospheric pressure since hotter water is more desired for drip coffee as compared to espresso.

You will find the “sweet spot” where the well mineralized hot water with drips over the right amount of coarsely ground coffee beans.

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